Soaring into the future: flying cars from XPENG AEROHT

The eVTOL Flying Supercar: A Fusion of Design and Technology (source: XPENG)
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XPENG AEROHT, a subsidiary of the renowned XPENG MOTORS, is pioneering the advancement of aerial mobility with its innovative flying cars, marking a significant leap in the evolution of transportation.

China’s Leap into Flying Cars

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In a groundbreaking announcement that heralds a new era in transportation, China’s Xpeng Aeroht, a subsidiary of the esteemed electric car manufacturer Xpeng Motors, has set a definitive timeline for the commercial launch of their much-anticipated flying cars.

The X2 flying car can fly under certain conditions

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The age of the flying car is slowly but surely approaching in China, and a vehicle of this type has already been allowed to operate, albeit under limited conditions. Xpeng AeroHT describes its X2 as the first true flying car, a title that could be claimed by other companies such as the Slovak AirCar and Switchblade, but which was long predated by the Mizar 210 built in 1973. The X2, like its competitors, will be able to operate in hybrid mode: it can travel on roads by rolling on wheels, but can also take to the air if necessary using its retractable propellers.