Legislation Paving Way for Flying Cars in the US

Switchblade Flying Sports Car in Drive Mode
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Legislative bodies across the US are actively working to facilitate the registration and licensing of roadable aircraft in all 50 states. Leading this innovative field are two US companies, Samson Sky and Alef, along with two European contenders, Pal-V and Klein. These companies are expected to commence production in 2025.

That is how we are now in 2021

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Surely many are familiar with Luc Besson’s film The Fifth Element, in which Bruce Willis, who plays Korben Dallas, searches the endless tall skyscrapers, hauling a car-like air taxi to the daily filler. The forms of transport seen in Franco-British sci-fi were once thought to be the minimum smile of dreams in our lives, but the 24 years since the cinema was shown proved to be a breathtaking tale, responsible dreamers of transport technology take work seriously, at least most.