Even the new market can be launched Terrafugia flying car

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A company called Terrafugia could unveil a development called Transition later this year that could finally bring the age of flying cars.

As for the foldable smartphone in the mobile industry, it is clearly the flying car in the automotive industry. A common feature is that more and more can be heard from both directions of development over the years, but so far no real product has been seen. However, 2020 seems to be a breakthrough year for both developments.

With regard to foldable smartphones, Samsung could come out with its own device in early 2020, and with regard to flying cars, the latest announcement is linked to a company called Terrafugia: in 2020, their first such vehicle could come.

The machine, dubbed Transition, is currently planned to receive a hybrid drive, meaning it would run on conventional fuel in addition to electricity. You also get a safety parachute so that if there is any problem, you can land with it. The interior has become larger and safer, so it will fit more packages than previous plans. Prices have not been talked about yet.

It is interesting that the Slovak-based AeroMobil was launched with the AeroMobil Flying Car in 2017, for which a pre-order is also being added. However, it is also planned that this machine will not be available until 2020, so Terrafugia could overtake the rival.

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