Switchblade Flying Car Soars to New Heights with Groundbreaking Design

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Samson Sky is taking the aviation world by storm with its revolutionary Switchblade flying sports car. After achieving first flight in November 2023, the innovative company has unveiled a stunning new design at AirVenture 2024, the world’s largest aviation celebration.

Flying cars arrive in Minnesota ? With Samson Sky it is possible

Samson Sky Switchblade
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The Samson Sky Switchblade Flying Sports Car, alongside a select group of innovative flying car designers worldwide, recently celebrated a significant milestone. Minnesota Governor Tim Walz signed a groundbreaking bipartisan transportation bill that includes provisions for roadable aircraft. These vehicles, defined as airplanes that can be driven to and from airports or private landing strips, now have a clear path to state registration and use on public roads and highways in Minnesota.

Legislation Paving Way for Flying Cars in the US

Switchblade Flying Sports Car in Drive Mode
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Legislative bodies across the US are actively working to facilitate the registration and licensing of roadable aircraft in all 50 states. Leading this innovative field are two US companies, Samson Sky and Alef, along with two European contenders, Pal-V and Klein. These companies are expected to commence production in 2025.