New sodium-ion batteries for energy storage

Higher energy density, lower environmental impact, longer lifetime, orders of magnitude shorter charging time, less flammable, cheaper production, to name just a few of the futuristic goals of dozens of battery technology research labs. But the basic research is still going on.

Nuclear waste battery to last hundreds of years

Nuclear waste from nuclear power plants is a huge problem for humanity. In current practice, although it is produced in industrial quantities, it is also stored at huge cost, usually in bunker-like underground reinforced concrete sarcophagi. A company is now producing batteries from this hazardous waste to be used in all kinds of vehicles, cars, electric aircraft, etc.

New solid state battery is cheap and energy-rich

The new energy storage combines two subgroups of battery development: solid-state electrolyte with an anode made entirely of silicon. The result is a highly energy-dense, cheap and durable battery that can be used as a grid storage device in the same way as in electric cars and the electric aircraft that are being developed.

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