Drones Measuring Radioactivity for Optimizing Crop Yield

Agricultural drone at work
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Drones have a new role in agriculture, with the ability to measure soil radioactivity to optimize crop yield. A smart sensor mounted on a drone can detect soil radioactivity from the air, providing data on soil health and mineral content.

Agricultural drone in the Brazilian lands

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The XMobots Echar 20D is an artificially intelligent superdrone capable of performing a variety of agricultural tasks, covering 7,100 acres per flight. The Brazilian drone company XMobots has received permission from the Brazilian National Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC) – so there is no longer any obstacle to BVLOS (Beyond Visual Sight Line of Sight) flights at altitudes of more than 30 kilometers or 120 meters above the ground. All this can be done by the company’s Echar 20D drone.