AGRAS T20 agricultural drone

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DJI has launched a smart spray drone called the AGRAS T20. The manufacturer has designed the machine to work in the toughest environments. Among other things, the drone was equipped with radars capable of automatic flight planning and terrain detection, extended its flight time, increased its carrying capacity and provided other useful functions.

The DJI AGRAS T20 can carry a payload of up to 20 kilograms. According to the manufacturer, the location of the application nozzles was solved by achieving a 20% improvement in the uniformity of droplet sizes. The drone is said to be able to spray in a 7 meter wide band.

The AGRAS T20 has 8 nozzles and their high-performance pumps, which can apply up to 6 liters of liquid pesticide per minute. The newly designed four-channel electromagnetic flowmeter can monitor and control the four delivery hoses individually, ensuring efficient application at all nozzles.

The new spray drone is equipped with DJI’s Omnidirectional Digital Radar system, which allows the drone to detect obstacles from horizontal directions. As it flies over various terrains, the AGRAS T20 automatically bypasses the feature in front of it. Thanks to the radar system, the drone is able to adapt to more difficult environments. The machine is dust and water resistant, IP67 rated and does not bother you if water splashes during cleaning.

The built-in RTK system allows centimeter-level positioning as well as the recording of highlighted points on the map with similar accuracy. The drone also houses an FPV camera with real-time image capture and two headlights that allow users to take pictures of what is seen by the drone, even in poor visibility.

According to the DJI, thanks to its modular design, the AGRAS T20 can be assembled in a matter of seconds, but it also takes the same amount of time to fold it. The spray liquid tank and battery are replaceable, further reducing downtime.

The manufacturer said that the new, programmable DJI AGRAS Smart Controller 2.0 as well as the DJI AGRAS mobile application make the user interface seamless and easy to use. In addition, the smart controller comes with a 5.5-inch (13.97-centimeter) image diameter display that is perfectly visible even when exposed to direct sunlight. The DJI said the controller also comes with an external battery pack that will last twice as long as other remote controls.

The DJI also said that during the design of the drone, special attention was paid to the ability of the machine to monitor plant health and create various treatment procedures. Using the P4 Multispectral sensor, drone operators can take a closer look at target areas and create multispectral tables about them to plan crop production and plant protection steps.

The drone also features 3D Flight Route Planning, which makes it easy to navigate through more difficult terrain. Thanks to the Phantom 4 RTK system, drone operators can scan and map designated target areas, making it much easier to identify oddities on the ground. Using Orchard mode 3.0, the drone automatically updates its flight path and, after scanning each tree, immediately maps their shapes to its map. The drone operator can then perform an effective spray knowing the shape of the plants.

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