Agricultural drone in the Brazilian lands

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The XMobots Echar 20D is an artificially intelligent superdrone capable of performing a variety of agricultural tasks, covering 7,100 acres per flight. The Brazilian drone company XMobots has received permission from the Brazilian National Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC) – so there is no longer any obstacle to BVLOS (Beyond Visual Sight Line of Sight) flights at altitudes of more than 30 kilometers or 120 meters above the ground. All this can be done by the company’s Echar 20D drone.

XMobots was the first Brazilian drone company in 2018 to get a license to fly over 120 meters – this was released for the RPA Arator 5B drone. The new Echar 20D weighs approximately 7.6 kg. Its wingspan is about 2.13 meters. The drone is excellent for mapping, georeferencing and control operations in agriculture.

The brand new, artificially intelligent drone performs autonomous operations – it can stay in the air for 120 to 180 minutes. It covers 7,100 hectares in a single flight, traveling at a travel speed of 79.2 km / h. It uses a catapult system for takeoff and a parachute for landing. ANAC’s license will increase visual flight opportunities in Brazil – not only in agriculture, but also in mining, forestry, infrastructure and other sectors.

“National project developments of this kind are very important in order for users to have access to new technology, to build state-of-the-art technology that is also of international significance,” said Roberto Honorato, ANAC Airworthiness Supervisor. To date, ANAC has certified more than 30 drone models manufactured by various companies. Another 40 drones are currently awaiting approval.

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