The Czech flying engine could be available for purchase in 2028

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Imagine a sunny day with clear skies. You step into your garage, where your Airwolf—a flying motorcycle from Czech company UDX Aero—awaits. As you think about the exhilarating experience of flying, a smile forms on your face. You settle into the seat, buckle up, and with a press of the accelerator, you are airborne. This dream could become a reality as early as 2028.

Hyundai launches its own electric air taxi in 2028

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The company announced the creation of Supernal, a company that aims to develop electric flying vehicles for the future. Supernal will continue to develop a concept car, the S-A1, and plans to produce the first models as early as 2024, although they will have to pass certain tests and obtain certification from the authorities before they can be sold.