An air taxi rank opens in Coventry

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The world’s first pilot air taxi station and drone airport will open in November in Coventry, England. Flying taxis flying between London and Brighton in just 30 minutes could soon skyrocket after the project won support from the British government. Airplanes can significantly reduce travel time, as the journey currently takes about two hours by car and one hour by train.

In the UK, Vertical Aerospace became the first company to manufacture and test drone-style, vertically take-off and landing aircraft. Flying taxis can travel between London and Brighton in 30 minutes, which can significantly reduce travel time. If a government-backed program is launched, the giant drones carrying people will be seen above the Downs, racing up to 150 miles per hour in the air. In addition, the aircraft will be thirty times quieter than a helicopter thanks to its distributed propulsion system. So perhaps the British will have the first scheduled air taxi flight that will fly passengers between the two cities. According to an air mobility expert, the project could be completed by 2023, as the plan was able to make significant progress with partial government funding of £ 2.5 million.

If we are thinking about the future of travel, it is now more important than ever to start exploring the opportunities that make transport more sustainable in ever-growing, increasingly populous cities “-said James Richmond. And Stephen Fitzpatrick, founder of Vertical Aerospace, is fulfilling this goal by trying to advance the sustainability of transport with his business. In addition, drone-like aircraft could create new jobs in the industry, as pilots will be needed to drive vehicles that can currently accommodate four passengers at a time.

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