Pizza Hut is testing delivery to a drone house

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Can everything we’ve only seen in sci-fi movies soon become a reality? Drones can help couriers deliver to their homes thanks to the latest innovation from one of the international fast food chains. The concept is currently being tested. The Israeli subsidiary of Pizza Hut recently announced that drone technology is being tested, in the first phase of which the food is not yet delivered to the house, but to central collection points, drums or car parks where couriers can take it over and deliver it to customers. With the help of the method, the time of delivery to the house would be significantly shortened, so they could also increase the size of the serviceable area, they could supply even more consumers with freshly baked pizza.

“Delivery to the drone house is a sexy thing to talk about, but it’s unrealistic to think we’ll see drones flying in the sky soon throw pizzas into everyone’s backyard,” said Ido Levanon, CEO and director of Dragontail Systems.

The chain will use the devices in aviation authority-approved landing zones, similar to how Uber Eats tested its system back in 2019 in San Diego. It is known that the competent ministry of the country has only allowed drones to fly out of a single restaurant within a certain range, but additional permits will need to be granted for the test. The current weight limit only includes two pizzas and one soft drink. As is well known, in 2016, Domino New Zealand was the first company in the world to promise a drone food delivery service. However, in the five years since, it has still not been able to effectively integrate the tools into its day-to-day operations, as aviation regulations continue to pose obstacles to implementation.

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