They can use artificial intelligence in fighter jets within a few years

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The U.S. Department of Defense, or the Pentagon, has embarked on a new experiment based on artificial intelligence that will allow MI to control fighter jets instead of humans in as little as a few years. The announcement was made recently by Defense Minister Mark Esper himself, who said that artificial intelligence could certainly take the place of real pilots by 2024 – if not fully, but in any case, modern technology will play a decisive role in this field. The Pentagon reported on this idea a month after an MI-based system defeated an Air Force pilot in a virtual dogfight, i.e., a maneuvering air combat. The development of the device can be attributed to Heron Systems, a defense solutions company that used data from simulations of the 5 best aerial dueling of artificial intelligence to confront the F-16 fighter pilot wearing a VR (virtual reality) helmet.

“The experiment sought an answer to how to transfer MI capabilities to the real world,” Mark Esper explained at the Pentagon’s first MI symposium.

“The spectacular victory of MI agents has shown how advanced algorithms can perform against humans during virtual dogfights. These simulations will be completed in a competition with tactical aircraft in a real environment in 2024. But to make it clear, MI “Our role will not be to carry out stand-alone operations, but to support the work of decision-makers. So we see MI as a tool to free up resources, time and manpower to focus on higher priority tasks,” he said. Secretary of Defense. Dogfights, by the way, are just one area of ​​experimentation with artificial intelligence. According to Esper, solutions of this kind will help the U.S.’s military supremacy over Russia and China, for example. He added that Moscow, for example, has already developed artificial intelligence for land vehicles, aircraft, nuclear submarines and various control systems, while in China, arms manufacturers also sell stand-alone drones that can deal a fatal blow to a target. The purpose of technology, of course, is to protect the citizens of the United States and also lay the foundations for future peace. So for now, they can only use this method in the U.S., but they plan to share MI-based developments with their allies at a later date.

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