They are already sown with drones in China

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I would use drones to alleviate labor shortages in China. The dragon of the XAG company allows even sowing at night.

Rising the age of farmers and global labor shortages pose a serious challenge to agriculture. All this is compounded by the restrictive measures taken due to the coronavirus epidemic, which today keep masses away from their jobs, in this case from the fields and horticulture. According to experts, automated systems and robots could alleviate the torturous crisis.

In the spirit of this, XAG has introduced a new solution for extremely labor-intensive direct-sown rice management.

The company also recently tested live and conventional sowing on one of China’s largest agricultural farms. Their results show that the XAG drone finished sowing in a tenth of the time as workers hand-operated. Their agricultural drone can sow 50,000 square feet of land per hour, which would require 50 to 60 field workers.

The XAG drone can also work at night, which has several advantages: on the one hand, it prolongs working hours, and on the other hand, the weather has been observed to be less windy after sunset.

Unlike large farms, most small rice countries in Asia produce on small farms. Because of the high cost, they cannot buy large automated machines. This is where the agile, agile drones come into play.

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