Saving lives in Poland with drones

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It’s rare to hear of pioneering developments in the drone sector from Central European countries, but now the trend seems to be breaking thanks to the Poles. Dronehub and Pentacomp – European aerospace and software giants – will work with local institutions to deliver defibrillators by drone in Poland, for the time being as part of a pilot project.

Alphabet’s drone delivery service starts to take off

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Wing, a subsidiary of a major US company, is currently conducting a live test in three cities. Although the announcement was prompted by a news story in Australia, the official blog post states that Wing has reached 100,000 orders in the very early stages of drone delivery.

The obligations of drone-related supply chain actors in Europe

  • Reading Time:7Minutes

It is essential that supply chain operators have a number of important tasks to fulfil before products are placed on the market, otherwise the market surveillance authority will have to intervene. In this article, we provide an overview of these tasks.

How much will flying cars cost ?

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While we were busy seeing car manufacturers and governments around the world trying to switch to electric cars, no one was able to realise a key element of a sci-fi future: the flying car. But it seems that it’s not as far away as we think, but it’s going to be expensive as hell.

European U-Space concept in Hamburg

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Following the adoption by the European Commission in April 2021 of the so-called U-Space package – three regulations that together create the conditions for the safe operation of drones and unmanned aerial vehicles in what is known as U-Space – the possibility of introducing a range of more complex drone services requiring longer-range operations will soon be a reality.