The X2 flying car can fly under certain conditions

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The age of the flying car is slowly but surely approaching in China, and a vehicle of this type has already been allowed to operate, albeit under limited conditions. Xpeng AeroHT describes its X2 as the first true flying car, a title that could be claimed by other companies such as the Slovak AirCar and Switchblade, but which was long predated by the Mizar 210 built in 1973.

The X2, like its competitors, will be able to operate in hybrid mode: it can travel on roads by rolling on wheels, but can also take to the air if necessary using its retractable propellers.

The vehicle’s entire structure is made of carbon fibre, making it extremely light (560 kg) and its enclosed cabin can accommodate two people. It has a maximum speed of 130 km/h and a range of 600 km on the road.

The final version of the vehicle, intended for sale, is designed by the company in the shape of a real car, but the prototype is even more eVTOL in terms of its appearance and mode of operation. The current version of the X2 took to the skies for the first time in public in Dubai last October and Xpeng AeroHT says it has now received the necessary approvals from the authorities for further flights and wider operations.

For now, the permit only allows flights under certain conditions, but the company did not elaborate on what exactly this means, but it is certain that testing will continue and the final sixth generation version of the X2 could be available to customers in 2024 at a price of around $150,000.

Source: Electrive

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