The new combat drone flies at 2414 km / h

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Singapore’s Kelley Aerospace has unveiled its combat drone, dubbed Arrow, which will also be well-suited for reconnaissance. Although most people are likely to think of everyday structures as drones, so-called combat aircraft that do not have a pilot on board are also called. Such has also been developed by Singapore-based company Kelley Aerospace, which claims to have built the world’s first combat drone capable of flying at more than twice the speed of sound. Flight Global reports that the combat vehicle, built of carbon fiber material, has a top speed of about 2,414 km / h, which is equivalent to 2.1 times the speed of sound. The aircraft was named Arrow and more than 100 units have already been ordered from the company. The machine costs $ 9 million to $ 16 million each. According to the paper, all this can be considered a low price. Just for comparison: the F-15EX, a new fighter from the U.S. Air Force, manufactured by Boeing, costs $ 150 million each. True, it’s probably more dangerous.

According to the company, the drone is not only fast, but can perform multiple tasks – be it combat or reconnaissance mode. In addition, it is designed to make radars as difficult to spot as possible. The company says unmanned aerial vehicles will be a good complement to pilot-controlled fighter jets on a mission.The Arrow can cover about 5,000 km with a single refueling.

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