The new combat drone flies at 2414 km / h

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Singapore’s Kelley Aerospace has unveiled its combat drone, dubbed Arrow, which will also be well-suited for reconnaissance. Although most people are likely to think of everyday structures as drones, so-called combat aircraft that do not have a pilot on board are also called. Such has also been developed by Singapore-based company Kelley Aerospace, which claims to have built the world’s first combat drone capable of flying at more than twice the speed of sound.

The combat drones of Kelley Aerospace

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Singapore-based aircraft manufacturing company Kelley Aerospace has developed a combat drone capable of achieving supersonic speed. The concept of an unmanned aerial vehicle (UCAV) called the Arrow was unveiled last week. The drone has a maximum take-off weight of 16,800 kilograms, a range of 4,815 kilometers (2,600 nautical miles), and is capable of flying at speeds of 2,592 per hour, or 2.1 mach. This is pretty much the Los Angeles-Tokyo distance that the device could do in just over three hours, of course, well above the speed of sound.