The air taxi airport in Coventry could be operational as early as this year

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It seems that self-guided drone taxis may soon become a real form of transportation in major cities around the world. The pilot drone airport being built in England could be in live operation as early as this year.

Construction of an airport specifically designed to receive drone taxis near the city of Coventry in the UK will be completed later this year. With the active involvement of government organizations, Urban Air Port is implementing the development with the help of the Hyundai Motor Group and is scheduled to be in live operation for a month from November 2021. With the pilot project, I would also like to demonstrate that drone taxis are the dominant, carbon-neutral means of transport of the future, which may not be as far away as many would think.

Urban Air Port will be 60% smaller than a traditional heliport and there is a strong emphasis on zero emissions from both construction and operation. There are plans to build 200 Urban Air Ports worldwide over the next five years, and by 2030 it is projected to be an everyday thing to travel in the world’s major metropolises using self-guided drone taxis.

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