EUR 200 million of new Volocopter shares were subscribed

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A new Volocopter share with a nominal value of EUR 200 million was subscribed, increasing the nominal value of the shares of the German-based air taxi company to EUR 322 million. The fund is primarily intended for the licensing, production and market launch of Volocity air taxis. They are confident that in two years, the service can start with their air taxis in different cities around the world.

Everyone puts a title next to their name. Volocopter calls itself a pioneer of urban air mobility beyond that. It was the first and only one to receive the title of approved design organization from the European Aviation Safety Agency. As for the first step to the official approval of air taxis. Volocopter develops a complete ecosystem. This includes multi-purpose passenger and cargo aircraft (VoloCity and VoloDrone), physical and digital infrastructure (VoloPort and VoloIQ), and partnerships with global leaders in their respective fields.

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