Orbiting solar power plants could provide the energy of the future

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The world’s space agencies are already working on the technology that would move a significant part of energy production from Earth to space. The Kardashev Scale, created by Nikolai Kardashev in 1967, measures the development of a civilisation in two ways: technological development and energy production.

New sodium-ion batteries for energy storage

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Higher energy density, lower environmental impact, longer lifetime, orders of magnitude shorter charging time, less flammable, cheaper production, to name just a few of the futuristic goals of dozens of battery technology research labs. But the basic research is still going on.

New solid state battery is cheap and energy-rich

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The new energy storage combines two subgroups of battery development: solid-state electrolyte with an anode made entirely of silicon. The result is a highly energy-dense, cheap and durable battery that can be used as a grid storage device in the same way as in electric cars and the electric aircraft that are being developed.