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It is only 5-6 years and we can travel by plane taxi to the airport. So far, we have only seen in movies how we will travel in the city by flying taxi in the imagined future, but from 2025 it can even happen in reality.

The air taxi Lilium Jet, dreamed up and manufactured by the German Lilium startup, has already carried out successful test flights, and if all goes well, the vehicle with thirty-six electric motors may soon be on the market.

The taxi itself consists of an oval cabin, wings with small engines and a tail section. Like a drone, it takes off vertically, but then splits in the air in an airplane-like motion at speeds of up to 300 km / h. Landing essentially doesn’t cause him any problems, he doesn’t need a runway.

The electric jet aircraft can fly for about an hour on a single charge and – together with its driver – can carry up to five people. At first it would be piloted, but later it would be given a self-driving function, and in the not-so-distant future, passengers would order the transport service with a telephone application similar to Uber.

There will be no cheap fun for air taxis, Lilium says you can expect a fare of around seventy dollars for a trip of about thirty kilometers, which in principle can be done in about half an hour with the least traffic – with the Jet, the same distance would be in ten minutes. It is planned that in six years the service will be available in many major cities around the world.

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