For 2021-2022, customers can receive their flying car

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The AeroMobil Flying Car is now available for pre-order. Slovakia-based AeroMobil unveiled the design of a flying car costing more than a million euros at the Top Marques Monaco luxury goods exhibition on Thursday. The luxury exhibition is held every year in the Principality of Monaco.

According to the company, the AeroMobil Flying Car can already be pre-ordered with the first copies available in 2020. With its teardrop-shaped, six-meter-long and open-wing wings, the nine-meter-wide vehicle can switch to flying mode in less than three minutes, while the wings can be folded for normal road traffic.

AeroMobil has set a target of producing up to 500 units from its first commercial aircraft, which can travel a maximum of 750 kilometers with two passengers on board at a cruising speed of 260 kilometers per hour. The price of the flying car will range from 1.2 million to 1.5 million euros.

However, for the flight, the car will need an airport or other licensed runway, while owners will need a pilot’s license in addition to their regular license, said company spokesman Stefan Vadocz. He added that the delivery of vehicles that he said will comply with both air and road traffic rules is expected to begin in 2021.

However, before airplanes can become a common mode of transportation, they must meet a set of flight safety requirements to dispel fears.

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