What will air taxi be like?

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In our imagined future, everyday traffic will be on cars that fly regularly, but even though we are slowly writing 2021, air taxis, for example, are still not on the market. In any case, nothing seems to be the real pioneer in Uberen, which seems to be more than a simple transport company, this time the company showed with some very attractive visual plans what airports the vehicles will arrive in a few years (?).

The public transport company has commissioned several architects and engineering firms (SHoP Architects, Gensler, Pickard Chilton, Arup, Beck Group, Boka Powell, Corgan, Humphreys & Partners Architects, Mithun) to design airports in Dallas, Los Angeles and Melbourne. There because the Uber Air service would launch in the first round in these three major cities.

It is planned that facilities built even over motorways would serve seventy-two vehicles per hour and would be powered by solar panels.

Each port would have waiting rooms for passengers in addition to the usual restaurants and shops, as well as bicycles and scooters on a community basis.

Most of the airports were dreamed of following the principle of less for more. All design offices would operate the base with sustainable, renewable energy sources to leave as little ecological footprint as possible.

The freight distribution company has been working for a long time on the flight taxi service, which is currently being experimented with in the three cities mentioned above. If all goes well, in 2023 we will be able to order an electric air taxi through our smartphone application, the take-off and landing points of which will be specified at fixed locations.

The low-altitude VTOL, which flies vertically and takes off, can comfortably accommodate four passengers and would initially be controlled by a human pilot, who would then, according to the already announced idea, later split self-driving air taxis over the cities.

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