In Ireland, phones are already shipped by drone

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Provided we live in Oranmore and want to buy a Samsung phone for ourselves. Samsung, together with Manna Aero of Wales, has launched a new service here, which allows residents of small towns to buy card-independent Galaxy phones with drone home delivery, which will be delivered in just three minutes. The range of devices available covers the latest models from the Korean manufacturer, so members of the Galaxy S21 series, A52 and A72 phones, as well as Galaxy Buds Pro earphones, Galaxy Watch 3 smartwatch and Galaxy Tab S7 tablet can be ordered with a drone. In a press release on this, Samsung highlighted that the new delivery method allows for completely contactless shopping, as Oranmore has a population of only five thousand, so the service is likely to be more important to Samsung for the time being because of its promotional value.

Last year, Manna Aero began testing its drone-like home delivery service, similar to the Alphabet Wing, which originally allowed University of Dublin students to order food for themselves, but due to the epidemic, the company quickly switched and switched to drug delivery. The company’s chief technology officer said Manna has since signed agreements with Tesco and several stores and hopes to be able to extend the service to the entire country in the future.

Like the Wing and Zipline, Manna uses completely custom-designed drones that fly 60 to 80 feet high and can do 60 miles per hour. The drones are currently capable of transporting packages of up to four kilograms and 25x25x14 centimeters, which are placed in front of the customer’s house and are notified to customers through the app.

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