GM’s interest in flying cars

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General Motors is exploring the possibility of opening up to flight as well. The area of ​​so-called air taxis may be of interest to GM, as this is the segment from which even flying cars can develop. According to company executives, this direction fits into GM Ultium’s battery electromobility concept.

Mary Barra, CEO of GM, spoke at a conference these days about the company’s strong confidence in its own electromobility strategy, and moreover, Ultium battery technology could open new doors for GM. Aviation could be one such new area that GM would enter.

Air taxis are VTOL (vertical abbreviation for aircraft capable of vertical take-off and landing) that use electric propulsion instead of conventional fuel. Air taxis could be the vehicles of the future, devices that would essentially fly over traffic jams. Such vehicles could be used mainly in urban traffic. GM’s ultium project could make a major breakthrough in the field, which is why the company is opening up more and more here.

GM is not the first carmaker to be interested in the area. General Motors is exploring the possibility of manufacturing air taxis or participating in such a project as a partner or possibly supplier. If GM finally enters the field, it would join manufacturers such as Hyundai, Geely, Toyota, Daimler and Volkswagen, which are already present in this market, Automotive News reports.

Tesla is also worth mentioning, Elon Musk said earlier that exciting news that could affect aviation will be unveiled at the company’s Battery Day (September 22). Musk had previously called the construction and deployment of electric VTOL vehicles a serious challenge.

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