Europe has also embarked on the development of flying cars

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Events have also skyrocketed in Europe. In this decade, the market for flying cars could reach the thousand-dollar-dollar mark, which makes it clear that not only will we have to pay attention to the competition for electric cars, but also that cars of various designs will fly in the air in a short time.

The crazy pace is due in part to the worldwide development of flying cars. After Japan and the USA, they have now entered the competition from Europe, where Boeing, Uber or Airbus are already there.

A German startup, Florian Reuter, has been letting it out for 7 years to reform urban transport and electric, airport taxi making, but until now it had to wait for the first prototype to be completed and for the tests to begin. With this, the company is no longer lagging behind the Japanese, who have been delivering their first vehicle for the same month and a half.

The flying car would be marketed under the name Volocopter in Paris, according to the company’s management in about 2-3 years. If all goes well, you will be ready for the real big bang, the Paris Olympics, where guests would be taxiing from A to B with this structure. To make this happen, there is still a lot of work to be done by the developers, as they have so far only received the necessary permits in the suburbs of Paris and need to convince the authorities that it is worth permitting in the French capital.

By the way, most manufacturers mention another traffic revolution, which is directly compared to the impact of the legendary Ford T-model created by Henry Ford.

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