Google’s flying car

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The development of the electric aircraft manufactured by Kitty Hawk, Heaviside, is progressing well. It can already cover 160 kilometers on a single charge, while being 100 times quieter than a helicopter.

Urban transport could not only be modernized with electric cars, as this would only solve the problem of pollution – not traffic jams and few parking spaces. That is why many people are thinking on another line, they see the possible solution in flying cars. This is also the direction of one of Google’s founders, Larry Page, who has been funding two startups that have been developing such vehicles for years.

One of these is the development of Kitty Hawk, which is now one step closer to the technology that can be used in everyday life. Heaviside is an electric-powered aircraft capable of taking off and landing vertically, just like a helicopter – only 100 times quieter.

The device is not very big yet, this can be seen in the picture of a man squatting next to the structure. Sebastian Thrun, head of Kitty Hawk, told TechCrunch that their main goal is to get people to accept such vehicles while proving the structure can fly softly over them.

The machine currently has a range of roughly 100 miles, or about 160 kilometers. It is not yet known when it will be a product approved by the authorities, but the development already looks promising.

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