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For the time being, a U.S. company that would transport passengers to the destination with its planes, not from the airport but directly from the city center, is awaiting U.S. Aviation Authority approvals.

At the moment, the fastest way to travel in the world is to fly, but anyone who has traveled by plane at least once knows exactly that this is only true for travel time at most. The pre-departure procedure – and we are not thinking of security screening here now, as it is definitely needed – such as going to the airport takes a lot of time. A seemingly viable alternative to this would be American Transcend Air.

According to a CNN report, the company has developed a six-seater VTOL, a vertical take-off and landing aircraft that would significantly shorten the time it takes to fly from one city to another. The planes would take off not from the airport, but from the “docks” built to the waterfront, so passengers would not have to struggle to get to the airport.

The company promises to travel 36 minutes from New York to Boston, 55 minutes from Los Angeles to San Francisco, and 1 hour from Toronto to Montreal. For comparison only, the New York-Boston distance is currently covered in 1 hour 10 minutes. To get started, Transcend Air wants to connect 46 cities with its flights.

You can already buy a ticket at Transcend Air, but you can even buy an aircraft for $ 3.5 million.Fares and journey times are as follows:

NYC-Boston $ 283, 36 min
LA-San Francisco $ 315, 55 min
Montreal-Toronto $ 325, 60 min

For the time being, the company is awaiting U.S. Aviation Inspectorate approvals, which, in turn, would probably only be available to the company in a few years, with 15 prototype aircraft already built.The air service is scheduled to launch live in 2025.

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