Airbus electric aircraft could be in service in 2035

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Airbus, under the name ZEROe, designed three electric aircraft that would be refueled with hydrogen instead of kerosene. According to the company, they could carry passengers in 15 years.

Today’s aircraft burn an enormous amount of fuel, placing a significant burden on the environment. Although electric aircraft already exist, they are currently only small vehicles with limited capacity and range. Airbus is therefore thinking of machines that do not need to be refueled, but refueled – with hydrogen.

The company unveiled three new aircraft concepts that would be the world’s first traditional passenger aircraft in the traditional sense. The company has one of these that it would put into service as early as 2035 or even earlier.

The models of the fuel cell aircraft family, named ZEROe, will be able to travel from London to Athens, the Canary Islands or even Eastern Europe without the release of greenhouse gases into the air. Of the three aircraft, the largest can carry 120-200 passengers over a distance of 3,700 km.

The second is a smaller, propeller-driven aircraft designed to accommodate up to 100 passengers and can cover approximately 1,800 km.

The third is a V-wing solution that can accommodate up to 200 people and could also cover a distance of 1800 km with a single charge.

Airbus chief Guillaume Faury says the industry is facing a historic change and the use of hydrogen could green aviation. Grazia Vittadini, the company’s director of technology, says they need to come up with the final concept by 2025 at the latest if they want the technology to be on the battlefield in 2035.

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