Capital increase at Wingcopter

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Founded in 2017 by university students, Wingcoper underwent a high-profile investment, bringing together Silicon Valley and a German growth fund for a $ 22 million investment in German startup, which recently started operating in Darmstadt with family and friends. According to their statement, their goal is to strengthen their position in the drone-based logistics industry, gain a foothold in the United States and launch a new generation of drones. The drone transport company has already had tremendous results; the Wingcopter 178 Heavy Lift drone was made on the basis of their patent. The device combines the benefits of vertical take-off and landing with the positive features of fixed-wing aircraft, enabling them to travel longer distances than conventional UAVs and to perform one-way and two-way transport (officially able to fly about 120 km, up to 161 km / h). with a payload of nearly 6 kg).

The company is present in several locations globally, mainly in healthcare: in the Pacific archipelago of Vanuatu, in cooperation with UNICEF, they deliver vaccines to remote areas, in Tanzania they also provide medical care with pharmaceuticals, and in windy Ireland in 2019. they were the first in the world to deliver insulin with drones, a BVLOS-type flight, that is, that extended beyond the visual line of sight, where they were able to deliver 0.5 kg packages over an average distance of 22 km in 17 minutes. The operation looks like you are lowering the package through a winch mechanism or landing at your destination and then returning to the starting point with a new payload. Tom Plümmer, the company’s founder and CEO, said they will continue to focus on the drone transport market with U.S. expansion, but are also looking for a place and role for their own unique technology in areas such as drone surveillance and control. The only market they do not want to conquer is military use because they want to continue to help save lives and improve living conditions.

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