Pipistrel sells two hundred electric aircraft

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They have done business with a French leasing company that allows. In 2021, 200 Velis Electro aircraft will be sold. The Slovenian Pipistrel Velis Electro is the first European-certified green aircraft, specially designed for pilot pilot training, of which Green Aerolease has ordered 50 units. The leasing company, in cooperation with the French Aviation Association, leases them to flying schools and clubs. Those who would not be able to buy it on their own would get access to a carbon-neutral aircraft. There are two advantages. Even with the rent, it seems that the operating hours of the Pipistrel machine are cheaper than those used so far. On the other hand, due to its 60 decibel sound and electric drive, it can also be used at more than 60 airports that have so far been partially closed due to noise.

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