New type of Czech military drone

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Primoco UAV, a public limited company listed on the Prague Stock Exchange, has been registered by the Military Aviation Inspection Department of the Ministry of Defense of the Czech Republic as a recognized production and development organization. In practice, this means that the company has completed the first phase of a long process of obtaining certification for the Primoco UAV One 150M drone.

It is believed that obtaining the current permit anticipates the changes in drone legislation expected in 2021. If given the green light, it is even conceivable that the Primoco One 150M drone will soon be available for inclusion in the military fleet of any NATO country. In connection with the news, Ladislav Semetkovský, CEO of Primoco, highlighted in particular the strict compliance with the preparatory work. The One 150 model, as well as its military version (One 150M), had to be approached throughout the development and construction of the drone in the same way as a standard aircraft, in strict compliance with the applicable aviation regulations. The fact that the Military Aviation Inspectorate has granted permission to the company as a development and production organization is also a huge step, because this is the first time this company has received this in the Czech Republic and Central Europe. Primoco’s aircraft already operate on three continents and the company is one of five companies worldwide recognized under the EMAR (European Military Aviation Requirements) military aviation standards.

The company published the following data on the parameters and performance of the drone.

Weight 150 kg, endurance 15 hours, range 2000 km, travel speed 100-150 km / h, payload 30 kg. To fly completely independently according to programmed flight plans, including take-off and landing. The company focuses on both civilian and military applications in terms of applications, particularly in energy, border and coastal security, fire monitoring, and search and rescue operations.

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