Audi is freezing air taxi development

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The development of urban air taxis has been going on for a few decades, but the drone revolution of the last decade seemed to accelerate the process. But Audi still seems to be freezing a project called Pop.Up, which would have aimed to create a car flown by a large quadrocopter.

With a model of the vehicle jointly developed with Airbus, successful demonstration flights were also held at Drone Week in Amsterdam last November, and at the time they said they wanted to showcase the life-size, working prototype by the end of 2018. But by now, it was as if the confidence in the idea had been lost. “We think it will be a very long time before an air taxi that makes it unnecessary to change vehicles can be a tool for series production. With Pop.Up, we started to develop the most complex solution available. ” Says Audi.

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