A German startup can bring flying taxis

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The Lilium Jet, which is renewing traffic, will be able to transport passengers directly to the heart of the cities by taking off from there and flying up to three hundred by air.

The Lilium Jet is just the right electric-powered aircraft, with plenty of potential physical landing sites on the roof or in the park of office buildings for home delivery. The vehicle is an electrically powered convertible, a helicopter that tilts its many rotors as it takes off from a position to reach the starting altitude and then flies at a higher speed as a rigid-wing aircraft on the road. And before and above the target, he tilts his rotors back and lowers quietly.

Lilium Aviation was founded by researchers at the Technical University of Munich a few years ago to eliminate urban congestion and rush hour traffic jams. Not from scratch, but with the support of the European Space Agency’s incubator program. That was enough to contract 30 engineers and designers from around the world who programmed the controls and gave the aircraft a fit.

Based on the results of smaller-scale model experiments, the Atomico investment fund swung them by € 10 million last December, allowing them to build the first copy of the Lilium Jet.

Lilium Aviation fits into the line of flying cars taking off from the place, which is flagged in Germany by Volocopter, as there has already been human flight there. While there are 18 small rotors on the Volocopter’s Christmas tree, 36 independent electric motors work in coordination here. The direction of development is similar: autonomous, unmanned control comes from technical development itself, as the computer tunes the gears. One mobile phone is enough for on-demand control, and the plane flies by itself to where the passenger asks.

Some benefits: You can get a passenger from Kennedy Airport to Manhattan in 5 minutes, which is an hour by car today. You can fly from London to Paris in one hour from office building to office building, at such a distance an important meeting can be conveniently held one morning.

In addition to the two-person model, the German company will now develop a machine for the 5-person on-demand air taxi and carpool service, but a personal version will also be formed.

Volocopter has already reached out to the German authorities that their aircraft has become an aircraft in a new stand-alone category. Slowly, a new form of environmentally friendly transport between and between cities, unmanned and organized, will now be given a green light by the authority, also with Lilium Aviation. By then, the batteries will know more than an hour and a half, but today’s knowledge of the city taxi function is ample.

Another interesting thing about the spirit of the place: the Lilium company is located at Oberberfafaenenen Airport in Munich, richly patterned with emblematic developments, at Friedrichshafener Street 1. Friedrichshafen is one of the cradles of German aviation – just two names. Count Zeppelin and Claudius Dornier – and today the European capital of small aircraft.

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