3 years and here are the flying electric taxis!

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True, it will only be possible to try out Volocopter’s flying taxis in about three years, but you already have to buy a ticket for them and even reach hard into your pocket if you want to transport yourself on “VoloCity’.

The German startup announced this week that they will launch their flying taxis, the “VoloFirst” flights, over the next three years. The price of the tickets will be much pepperier than the traditional taxi: the roads will cost 300 euros (about 110 thousand HUF), and 10% of the amount will be asked for at the time of booking.

The price includes a 15-minute Volocopter flight scheduled to take place in the first 12 months after commercial launch and a personalized video of the flight. In addition, the company stays in touch with customers throughout: they are notified, for example, of how the taxi is being marketed and when the flight can take place. The booking now started on Wednesday, leaving only 853 of the 1,000 pre-booked tickets that afternoon, but there is still room to buy tickets until 31 December.

Volocopter is one of the airlines working to make the flying car a reality: since its inception, it has developed 5 such aircraft, of which “VoloCity” will be the basis for the taxi fleet. The said electric air taxi recently completed its successful air demonstrations in Stuttgart, Helsinki, Germany, at the Finnish International Airport and Marina Bay in Singapore, so the manufacturers decided it was time to start selling tickets.

If you happen to be in Germany and you are wondering what Volocity looks like live, you now have the opportunity to do so, as one of the models currently on display at the Greentech Festival in Berlin.

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