Who develops flying cars ?

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Boeing NeXt has recently successfully tested its autonomous passenger aircraft, which is still far from what we think is a “flying car” in our imagination.

The aircraft is more of a kind of helicopter-drone-flying hybrid that operates autonomously without a pilot and is capable of vertical take-off and landing.

Airlines (Airbus, Aeromobil, Volocopter, Vertical Aerospace) are currently in serious competition as to which of them will be the first to be able to develop a model that can then really be used for passenger and luggage transportation within the city. This requires not only a working passenger drone, but also a complete rethink of urban traffic management.

Boeing is therefore working with a startup called SparkCognition and the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration on a traffic management system that can handle the paths that become three-dimensional with the advent of aircraft.

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