Volocopter transport drone

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Huge drone that can carry 200 kilos unveiled in Berlin. Its diameter exceeds 9 metres and its height 2 metres. With a load of 200 kg, it can cover 40 km. The cargo drone was presented by Volocopter and DB schenker at the German National Aviation Conference in Berlin.

The electric VoloDrone is not new, as the design was conceived in 2010 and the prototype a year later. It was first launched in 2019 and later tested at various airports in southern Germany. But it was only at that conference that the device was officially presented in operation to the German federal authorities. In the future, the drone could be used to deliver cargo to hard-to-reach places, such as local regions or areas affected by natural disasters.

When the infrastructure for conventional means of transport is overstretched or non-existent, cargo drones offer the opportunity to rethink logistics routes, says Jochen Thewes, chairman of the board of DB Schenker, the company that invested in the development of the cargo drone. According to Thewes, “(this equipment’s) application potential in logistics is unlimited.”

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