Hellmann cargo drone

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They can do up to 2500 km and can carry 350 kilos, they want to start in Europe next year. Hellmann Worldwide Logistics wants to introduce drone freight transport in Europe together with Dronamics. The service will be launched next year.

It will primarily use drones to transport sensitive goods that need to reach their destination quickly (such as pharmaceuticals and medicines). The cargo drones will be provided by Dronamics – the company that develops and operates the unmanned aerial vehicle. The range of the machine used by Hellmann is up to 2,500 kilometres, depending on the load, and its maximum load capacity is 350 kg.

The cooperation with Dronamics allows us to offer our customers innovative and tailor-made solutions. This applies in particular to emerging market segments such as spare parts logistics and e-commerce, but also to areas where a fail-safe cold chain is needed, such as the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. Thanks to its exceptional range, Dronamics offers a same-day long-range drone delivery service that will be a real breakthrough in logistics,” says Jan Kleine-Lasthues, Managing Director of Hellmann Worldwide Logistics.

Currently, the cargo aircraft operator is aiming to become the first company in Europe to obtain a licence to operate international flights, so that Hellmann will be able to offer this type of service to its customers from 2022. The two companies are already jointly testing the first routes on which they will operate regular services.

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