They advertise the Aeromobil flying car

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The company, located in the eastern part of Bratislava, is able to present one of the most promising products among flying cars. The development of the vehicle started more than ten years ago and is now really close to commercial distribution. Their first advertisement is also part of this, in which they go through the design of the car, on the other hand, they recall that such a structure will not have to linger in the traffic jam. As they say, to be or not to be is no longer a question but a reality.

If all goes according to plan, the flying car can be bought as early as 2023. 300 thousand hours have been spent on the development of the structure so far and they are beyond 10 thousand hours of flight simulation and actual flight test. AeroMobil began the first phase of homologation in 2019 and has now reached an important step, obtaining the “CS-23” certification, which is a document of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) for small aircraft. As the vehicle will be able to be used in road traffic, the road technical regulations also had to be complied with.

Patrick Hessel, CEO and president of AeroMobil, said the development of the prototype is over and the vehicle can cover up to 800 kilometers when fully refueled. Its top speed is 260 km / h, while the machine is essentially the comfort of a luxury car. The six-meter-long vehicle has a width of only 2.24 meters with the wings folded in, while after opening for a few seconds, it has a span of 8.32 meters.

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