The United Arab Emirates would make artificial rain with drones

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In the UAE, 100 millimeters of rain falls every year, on which the country’s leadership is keen to improve. In recent years, several countries have artificially caused rainfall on their territory. In the spring of 2019, an experiment was conducted in Sri Lanka that resulted in rain for 45 minutes, and last year the technology used to do so in Indonesia was used to prevent forest fires with it.

Now the UAE is trying a similar solution, though, they have developed a new kind of technology to cause artificial rainfall. Those skilled in the art have developed a drone that can elicit the desired reaction with an electric shock. Anyway, a different kind of technology has already been used in the country for this purpose, but the drone solution would be a novelty. The main reason for the development is that the country receives about 100 mm of rain a year, which is much more than they want. To this end, approximately $ 15 million was spent in 2017 to improve the technology.

The BBC reports that the aim is to change the filling of the water droplets. In this regard, it is hoped that the droplets will stick together and then, if they become heavy enough, it may rain. Experts say the drone would be able to reach its target by flying low. The project is only being tested for the time being, but if successful, additional resources could be spent on its development.

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