I would help ambulances with a siren drone

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Two students at the University of Fine Arts in Krakow dreamed of a futuristic, self-driving ambulance system. The structure would offer a solution to several current problems. No matter how equipped and modern an ambulance is today, there are some problems with it that have not been resolved to date. For example, the passenger compartment is too loud due to the siren, the vehicle is based on a van, the driver and the patient are not in the same space, patients can only be approached from one side and back.

Two young university students from the Krakow Academy of Fine Arts wanted to remedy these problems. Roman Ignatowski and Maja Bryniarska created the design of the futuristic ambulance back in 2018 as a solution to a project task. The new machine differs from the usual vehicles in many ways.

At the top was a solar panel, as well as a unit from which a drone could take off. The structure would secure the ambulance’s way in traffic: after take-off – somewhat in front of the ambulance, driving there – it would siren. According to the designers, this would give the cars a little more time than at present, the ambulance could get to the hospital faster, and in the meantime there would not be as much noise from the siren inside the vehicle. Thanks to the hydraulic suspension, the vehicle would rumble much less and the wheels could be rotated 90 degrees, allowing the car to turn even on narrow streets.

The vehicle is designed to be modular, which means it can accommodate up to two patients so that they can be accessed from all directions. In addition to them, there would be room for three ambulances, one of whom would be watching the road to see if the self-driving vehicle was heading in the right direction.

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