The flying car was given a free pass in the Union

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The use of the flying car has been authorized in the European Union.
The structure was developed by a Dutch company, named Liberty, and testing began in 2012. It is no accident that it took 8 years for the vehicle to be licensed.

“The rules for roads and aviation have never been applied to a vehicle. So if we put these rules together like a puzzle, we get about 5,000 requirements by the end,” says Robert Dingemanse, the company’s co-founder.

They are now waiting to receive an aviation certificate from the European Aviation Safety Agency. This process began in 2015. Liberty developers are confident they will have the license before handing over the first flying car to the first buyer in 2022.

“Because of the pandemic, people prefer to be able to travel separately. We see an increase in interest and demand for Liberty, because in this two can travel without the risk of infection, ”continues Robert Dingemanse

The Liberty is a three-wheeled, two-seater car. The developers say it can run at speeds of up to 180 kilometers per hour and fly 500 kilometers with a tank, but that requires the driver to have a pilot’s license.

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