Here is the second Slovak flying car

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It changes from a car to a bad plane in three minutes.

In Slovakia, two companies have already developed a working flying car. AeroMobil is already in its fourth version, and KleinVision AirCar has just completed its virgin takeoff, writes Auto Evolution.

The AirCar weighs 1,100 kilograms and can be converted from a car to a plane in 3 minutes. The test flights took place without incident.

The hybrid vehicle needs a runway of 300 meters to take off, with a flight speed of 200 kilometers per hour, which lags behind the performance of small aircraft.

The company has not released information on the performance of the car’s propeller engine, but they have a concept for a four-seater and a two-engine, more powerful version. They are also designing a vehicle that will also work on water, so it can be called a trident.

The AirCar prototype is in phase, meaning KleinVision is still facing a long and difficult licensing process. It is relatively easy to obtain rights for car mode, but obtaining an air traffic license is much more complicated.

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