The Bell company is also getting into flying taxis

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The Bell Company, which makes helicopters for the U.S. military, revealed a number of curiosities about its own flying taxi.

Bell Helicopter, a manufacturer of helicopters for the U.S. military, pulled the veil off its concept in Las Vegas about what could soon mean the future of passenger transportation. The vehicle capable of vertical take-off and landing will be electrically propelled and will also be capable of self-driving. Up to four people can travel in the cabin at a time, and artificial intelligence, Wi-Fi, a wireless charger and a videophone will be available in the cabin.

According to Bell, the device will significantly shorten the journey, during which time passengers will be able to talk, relax or just enjoy the journey.

For the time being, the company has only introduced a cabin for passengers, the propulsion is “hidden” for the time being. Scott Drennen, Bell’s director of innovation, told The Verge that this will be presented soon, but whether the flying taxi wings, propellers and / or rotors will be officially unknown. However, the Fast Company knows a gas turbine will generate electricity for the vehicle.

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