Testing the eMagic One air taxi

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According to the developer, eMagic One could soon play a pioneering role in revolutionising urban transport, while being much more efficient than its competitors.

In a hundred years’ time, our descendants will probably look as strangely at today’s prototype electric aircraft as today’s humans look at the flying machines of the early 1900s. Of course they are needed, because sooner or later they will help us to develop electric aircraft that can actually be used.

New Atlas reports that another such machine has now been tested. The eMagic One was designed by Thomas Senkel, who left the German company E-Volo, which created the Volocopter. He left Volocopter development in 2016 because he was not satisfied with its range. Soon after, he co-founded eMacig Aircraft with Michael Kugelgen, whose development has recently taken off.

Senkel says the plane can take off horizontally and vertically. A special feature of the eMagic One is the double wing, which, according to the specialist, is extremely good for range. The aircraft is 7.2 metres long, has a wingspan of 7.6 metres and weighs 255 kilograms at idle. It can take off if its maximum weight, including pilot and baggage, does not exceed 420 kilograms. Its top speed can reach 170 kilometres per hour and its range is about 60 minutes. According to Senkel, this is several times more than what a current electric multicopter – a structure that functions as both an airplane and a helicopter – can do.

The company has been developing the machine independently, but is now looking for investors. The final version of the eMagic One is expected to be capable of being used as a flying taxi in the city.

Source: New Atlas

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