Embracing the Future with Rolls-Royce’s Revolutionary UltraFan Engine

  • Reading Time:3Minutes

Just when you thought the apex of innovation had been reached, Rolls-Royce challenges the notion and takes a huge leap into the future. After fifty long years of diligent research, design tweaks, and rigorous testing, the company has unveiled an absolutely novel engine design, the UltraFan. This cutting-edge marvel operates on Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF), promising enhanced fuel efficiency – about 10% more than Rolls-Royce’s current crown jewel, the Trent XWB.

The high cost of cleaner skies: the path to net-zero emissions for European aviation

  • Reading Time:2Minutes

The European aviation sector faces a huge challenge in its quest for net zero carbon emissions by 2050. With the promise of cleaner aviation comes a high price tag, as industry experts estimate that more than €800 billion in extra costs will be needed to meet the ambitious target.