Hungarian Electric Small Aircraft Production Set to Begin in China

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The Hungarian aircraft manufacturer, Magnus Aircraft Zrt., is gearing up to commence production of its small electric aircraft in China. Construction of their factory in Wuxi, located near Shanghai, is set to be completed by October. This marks a significant step for the company as it extends its reach beyond Hungary, leveraging Chinese state investment to build a new industrial park spanning 210,000 square meters. The facility will include a showroom, composite manufacturing, aircraft assembly, maintenance facilities, and a development center in collaboration with the University of Óbuda.

Rolls-Royce electric plane takes off for the first time

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According to the company, the successful 15-minute flight of the Spirit of Innovation aircraft is an important step towards the creation of environmentally friendly air transport. Rolls-Royce announced in June how it aims to achieve zero emissions, and the Spirit of Innovation is an important step towards achieving this commitment. The company is committed to ensuring that all its new products are zero-emission by 2030.