A Chinese company may produce the AirCar flying cars

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In an intriguing fusion of innovation and ambition, the realm of personal aviation is set to take a giant leap forward, heralding a new era where the skies may become as busy as our highways. Central to this pioneering shift is the AirCar, a flying car developed by KleinVision, a Slovakia-based company. This remarkable vehicle has recently caught the eye of Hebei Jianxin Flying Car Technology Company from China, marking a significant milestone in the global aviation and automotive industries.

The Future of Travel: Luxury Flying Cars for Family Holidays

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While the age of the flying car is not yet here, it seems like we’re getting closer to a future where we can take to the skies for our holidays. Italian designer Pierpaolo Lazzarini’s studio, known for creating luxurious and original vehicles, has unveiled a new concept, the Aircar, which promises to be the perfect way for wealthy families to travel.

Flying licence for the Slovak flying car

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The Slovakian-built experimental vehicle AirCar has obtained the necessary certification to fly. The amphibious vehicle, powered by a petrol-powered BMW engine, can reach speeds of up to 160 kilometres per hour and a flight altitude of over 2,500 metres, reports the BBC. Before take-off, the vehicle switches to flight mode, which lasts 2 minutes 15 seconds.