What business models can be successful in the eVTOL market ?

  • Reading Time:4Minutes

Electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing (eVTOL) aircraft are no longer just the stuff of science fiction; they’re rapidly approaching commercial reality, promising to revolutionize urban mobility. But which business models are poised to soar, and which might crash and burn? Let’s take a flight through the promising and turbulent skies of the eVTOL market.

The cost of China’s Ehang unmanned air taxi revealed

  • Reading Time:3Minutes

In a groundbreaking move that heralds a new era in urban transportation, China’s Ehang has taken a significant leap forward with its unmanned air taxi, marking a pivotal moment in aviation history. Last December, this pioneering company achieved a monumental milestone by facilitating passenger flights between two major cities, showcasing the viability and safety of their cutting-edge eVTOL (electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing) technology.