Sony will also develop drones

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Even this year, in 2021, Sony’s Airpeak brand, which specializes in the drone market, will be launched, primarily to serve professionals.

Sony said in a statement that it sees drones playing an increasingly important role in the world of photography, especially with regard to special angles and conditions that could help content producers. That’s why the Japanese company decided to get into the drone industry and launch the Airpeak brand. It’s not yet known about Airpeak whether it will offer specific drones or cameras and accessories made just for drones, but for sure, DJI and Parrot don’t have to be afraid. This is because Sony is not targeting the consumer market, but the professional customers who work in the entertainment industry. The first products of the Airpeak project are said to be unveiled in early 2021, but the big question is whether there will be a drone among them.

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